Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Report

Hello Dear Ones, wherever you are.  I report on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle.  There have been more of those than we thought there would be and haven't even considered "growing" our "duck feet."

This weekend I celebrate Mother's Day in the land of my youth where I am able to remember the legacy left me by faithful parents in God's country.  Elder Heath celebrates a birthday this weekend, too, for which we are grateful, given his life-threatening issues of past years.  His health status I would describe as stable.  The Lord has truly blessed him with sufficient health to fulfill our responsibilities here.

One of the "perks" of being here is to have Heather and her family nearby.  Brock and Kaylee were in a musical which we attended.  Heather and her husband ran a half marathon the weekend after this picture was taken.

It is an old song now, but we are loving this mission.  There will be a changeover in July of both our mission president and our file leader for CES.  We finish up teaching the Doctrine and Covenants next month and will teach Pearl of Great Price over the summer.  Except for maybe Book of Mormon, could you ask for better curriculum?

Even though we are not connected specifically to the proselyting activities of the mission (we mostly teach, cook, attend YSA wards and activities), we still try to attend all the baptisms that we hear about in the area.   We love "hanging out" with the YSAs and sometimes they even value our wisdom and experience.  They do appreciate our years of study as they apply it to the contemporary issues with which they deal.

This picture is of the Ensign Choir and Orchestra, a local group that performs quarterly in the beautiful hall you see in downtown Seattle.  It is a missionary tool and the Seattle Mission invites missionaries with their investigators and new converts to attend.  This concert was on the mission of Christ and would take your breath away in the talent and music performed.

We are so enjoying our "study" time here, too.  Elder Heath has finished the History of the Church (6 volumes of it) and it has so enriched our D&C lessons.  I have delved into the Seminary and Institute materials for their insights and lesson presentations.  We are still sharing the teaching time mostly equally.  Even though we teach different sections of the D&C, Elder Heath enjoys that I "set the stage," typically giving the historical context.  He fills in with the precious doctrines and the details from History of the Church. We love the "tag team."  This picture is at one of the entrances of the college where we teach.  I am peeking out the side.

In most ways, with a little different teaching technique, we are teaching the doctrines and principles taught to our own children.  My kids could probably guess that I have used the words:  Why would you settle for anything less than the best that you can be?  Why would you not strive for ALL that God has to offer you?  For what would you sell your soul, your eternal salvation? Don't do stupid things that may close the doors of opportunity down the road.  Be ALL that you can be. You are of divine heritage! You can do what He does, you can go where He goes, you can be as He is.   Be valiant, be true, there is work for you to do here.  Do not fear His coming--you are here to prepare the way.

I am in touch with Steven at least weekly via Facebook messaging.  He is currently in Utah and doing very well.  He is so happy we are able to do this mission but is looking forward to our lives when we return to live in Salt Lake City.  Some of my children are coming to Seattle in June, including Steven, part of his year of travel to siblings. SO grateful to my children for making this mission possible.

Well, that is all for now.  Hope you are all well and happy and love serving the Lord as we do.  Wish there was a little less cooking and food prep, but our days are filled with joy.  This continues to be our perfect mission.  We are so happy here.  Love to all.  Yours in the Lord.  Elder and Sister Heath