Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 2015

Kitsap Lake, Bremerton, WA
Sue's sister Pat

Sister Heath at Kitsap Lake

Dear Friends and Family,

It is beginning to look like I will post about once a month.  We do not have a specific time set aside in the week for correspondence like the young missionaries do, so it is somewhat come what may.

We are SO enjoying this mission.  Even though I am growing my hair out and it has been in a "bad hair day" mode for some time, Bruce keeps telling me how beautiful I look.  He concluded on one of his insomniac nights that it is because I am so happy here doing what we are doing so my "inner beauty" shows through.  I don't know about that part, but we are happy here.

Elder Heath
We have finished up one quarter of Institute at Bellevue College.  We will finish the Doctrine and Covenants this Spring quarter.  Don't know yet what our curriculum will be for Fall Quarter, but will be teaching an abbreviated curriculum over the summer at the Tuesday night Institute as a second class offered.  I have my fingers crossed for Pearl of Great Price.

We are so enjoying our associations in 2 YSA wards and going to their activities.  We continue to be blessed by the Lord in learning names of the kids of 2 wards and Institute.

Senior missionaries are not allowed to leave the mission here under this mission president but we were given permission to go to 2 trainings over the last 3 1/2 months outside the mission.  One took us to Kitsap County where we were able to visit the lake property where I was raised.  Saw my sister Pat for a very brief visit and she "passed down" some of her clothes to me, as is a tradition whenever I see her.  It was a relief to get some new clothes since I really didn't bring much and I was getting tired of them.

One thing has really impressed me here.  These young single adults are really "in with both feet," as we like to say.  They know their stuff pretty well and seriously care about learning the doctrine and living the gospel principles.  Christ is not just an "heirloom" as Amy Grant sings.  It has been hard sometimes to know when inserting the wisdom and experience of our years is appropriate and when to just let them learn and grow as a YSA entity.

I have always been inspired by the concept of Saturday's Warriors.  I believe that our generation is also part of that group, as we set the example and teach the truths of the gospel and mentor the younger generations.  We "seniors" have our role in the preparation for the Second Coming.  And since our "value" in our parent role has changed as children left home and made lives of their own, it is exciting to be part of this work.

Elders and 2 Institute Students at
Bellevue College Open House
We so love to teach the precious truths of the gospel.  Elder Heath and I have become a pretty good "tag team" in our teaching and feel the inspiration of the Lord in our teaching.  Usually I give the historical set up and Elder Heath takes over for the "meat," but I have been able to teach some of the doctrines particularly precious to me whenever they are part of the curriculum. 
Bellevue College Open House Display

 It is interesting to watch the whole dating thing with the YSAs, as our ward members are all looking for a companion and you can't hide that in the midst of the social activities.  It is awkward for almost all of them, as all they know is the "group" mentality.  You see it at the dances, too.  Virtually no one dances as a couple--it is almost all group dancing.

We think often of the others that were in our group at the MTC.  We are in some touch with most of them to one degree or another, sometimes just following their blogs.  We hope they are having as great a time and enjoying their assignments on their missions as we are.  Our MTC experience started the mission off right.

Some of you have asked about Steven.  He is doing really well, currently in Arizona for another couple of weeks and then to Utah for most of the summer, I think.  He has improved some of his skills and we will not let him revert to status quo when we get back.  His eating and grooming has improved thanks to some great instruction and follow up from sisters.  The girls have taken him completely off my plate and we are so grateful because it would be hard to do what we do if I had daily, weekly, or monthly "pull" from him and his issues.  God bless you, my precious daughters, and your families.

If you see any pictures with this post, it means I was successful uploading and attaching.  I will do better with pictures over the summer, I think, when our teaching responsibilities will be cut back somewhat and I can find the learning curve.  [OK, I was successful uploading but not placing them.  I'll do better next time.]

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers in our behalf.  We love you all and love the Lord and love this work.

Sister Heath